Sunday, 10 June 2012

Yesterdays NeWs

When You have finished reading Your magazines, You can reuse them to sort some of your small stuff.
Just make these baskets and use them for make-up, gadgets or on Your desk.
The glitted paper is actually very strong and easy to work with.
You decide if it's going to be Black n White, Pastel, Lime, Yellow or all mixed together.

I actually borrowed the title "Yesterdays News" from our famous danish furniture designer Niels Hvass.
Yesterday´s News was created for the exhibition “Spaces and rituals of everyday life” shown at "Den Frie" Copenhagen 1994.
With its seat carved into a stack of old newspapers, this chair is based on the element of spontaneity.
To day the chair is a part of the permanent collection at the Designmuseum Denmark.

This Year I had the pleasure of working together with
Marika Luisetto from Nazzano near Rome.
Except from sharing our love for Italy with the students at
Madakademiet, we had another interest in common - recycled stuff.
And Marika was working on her 3. excebition called:
"Il sapere delle mani"

Recycle Your Bike

I have a good friend Ivan who rides his bike 25 km and back EVERYDAY no matter the weather. He brings me punctured tubes for my bracelet and necklaces. It's for free at Your repair shop.
I'll show some of the stuff I have made out of it.


RELOVE and stufF. Relove what others loved before You.
As a young woman You could find me on top of containers in uptown areas saving furnitures from death. If I could I find anything made out of noble materials, I brought it home and reloved and relived it. The rescue was paint, textile, oil, nails and a lot of patience and work. As designer and architect I teach others how to find the soul in stuff that is to good to throw away. Therefore "againstthrowawayism" has become my mantra. Follow me around the world and make my blog live, inspired by Yourself.